VIPKid and Daylight Savings Time (Fall Back)

I was concerned – what happens to my schedule since China doesn’t observe daylight savings time?

This morning, I set my clocks back an hour. As a VIPKid teacher, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this day since I’m not naturally much of a morning person. Now, those 5 am classes will FEEL like 6 am classes, and I’m so excited!

Since this is my first time change with VIPKid, I was concerned – what happens to my schedule since China doesn’t observe daylight savings time? In short, nothing happened.

VIPKid takes into account the change in US time zones prior to opening bookings. So if I had a 6:30 am class booked last night when I went to sleep, this morning, it was still booked at 6:30 am; the only difference was that it was light outside! I did notice that the time slots immediately before the change were labeled in the Teacher App with a “DST” label, so if you teach overnight, you’ll see a 1:00 am DST, 1:30 am DST, 1:00 am, and 1:30 am times available for booking. It’s like you have a time-turner! But for me, I teach later in the mornings, so there was really no impact.

What has changed?

  • My bookings are a little low this coming week, and I assume that’s because of the shift in my availability. Last week I had 14 classes booked with 3 of them short notice. As of Sunday morning, I only have 9 classes booked so far for the coming week. So it’s a little light, and I noticed that my 7 am (central) time slots are conspicuously empty. After all, that’s now 9 pm in Beijing, so that’s a little late for lower level students to start a lesson.
  • Some of the students that had expressed an interest in times that I typically don’t open are now able to book classes with me.
  • I have begun getting some priority booking requests for early time slots that I would not normally open.

So what am I doing differently?

  • I’m opening up more (and earlier) time slots! For me, this is a great opportunity to stay on the same physical schedule but get more bookings! I work full time from my home, and I start work at 8:00 am sharp. Because of this, I generally open up a 5:30 am regular timeslot and short notice time slots at 6:00, 6:30, and 7:00. I leave 7:00 – 7:30 open to do my feedback. Now, I’ve opened time slots beginning at 5:00 am (and am considering 4:30.) I’ll accept 4:30 priority bookings from my regulars, but I’m still a little cringey about the thought of setting my alarm for 3:30. 🙂
  • I’ve let some of my regulars who are missing know about the time change and asked them to let me know if they are looking for different times available to book.
  • I’m pursuing my Level 4 certification. I assume kids in China are much like kids here – the older they are, the later they can stay up. Since I have this certification available, I might as well take advantage of it!
  • I’m enjoying having a little extra daylight during class time!

I hope this helped answer any questions you had about how Daylight Savings Time affects VIPKid class bookings.   If you have other questions, please ask me in the comments below! If you are looking for a mentor to help you get started, please reach out and consider using me as a referral!

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